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Three reasons to give us a call.

  1. EXPERIENCED & PATIENT - We have over 30 years experience in Medicare Supplements.  We continually undergo continuing education to maintain our professional designations and we are members of the National Association of Health Underwriters.  We are not an agent.  We are an agency.  With multiple people to assist your needs.
  2. WE REPRESENT YOU - We'll show you the rates of most major insurance companies.  Even if we don't represent it at the time.  Our objective is to match you with the best company.
  3. SHOP BY PHONE - Or the internet.  We respect your time and privacy.  One of our slogans is... "The last thing you want is an insurance agent or politician at your front door."  Use our internet rating program below.  No personal information is needed to find out the best rates in your area.

It's free

It's fast

And best of all it's anonymous.

You don't have to give us any personal information to see just how much you may be overpaying.

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After you have entered your infomation, if you want to talk or have questions... 
Call us at 877-533-3800  

NOTICE:  Just because the plan you are shown is the least expensive doesn't mean it is the best.  While it is true that if you choose a letter plan with the same as what you currently have the benefits will be identical.  All Insurance companies have different policies, practices and requirements to apply.  This is where our experience and knowledge benefits you and saves you time and aggravation.  there is just no substitution for practical experience.

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